IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal certification

This program conforms to the State Board of Vocational Nurses criteria for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal certification. Upon successful completion, LVN’s will receive lifetime state licensure. RN’s may attend to update their skills and knowledge, however state certification for RN’s is not required . Also see our 1 day Phlebotomy & Blood Withdrawal Certification course.

Course Topics:

  • Basic IV Theory
  • Fluids & Electrolytes
  • Lab Value Interpretation
  • TPN and Fluid Administration
  • Medications & Dose calculations
  • Drip Rate calculations
  • IV Devices, Tubing and Adaptors
  • Blood Transfusions & Reactions
  • “Care and Feeding”, maintaining a patient’s IV site
  • Blood withdrawal techniques, straight needle and butterfly
  • 3 live Venipunctures and blood withdrawals

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